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Heartwise Commandments

My 12 commandments of HeartWise living .........
1. Know your weight and calorie goals. 8000 calories = 1 kg weight is the simple equation. Aim is to create a calorie deficit.
2. For weight loss, an electronic weighing scale is essential with daily weight monitoring.
3. Count your activity/ steps. This can be with a pedometer or a phone app.
4. Know your calories - research some food charts (or those posted in heart wise to know the calories value of common foods).
5. Continuity in exercise and discipline in diet is a must to achieve results.
6. A good diet is the corner stone. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. No sugar, low fat & low gluten seems to be working well for most.
7. Look for hidden sugars and fats as in sodas, juices namkeen etc. Learn to read the labels of packaged food.
8. Keep changing your exercises. Download some apps. Push in some yoga. Dance, play, run, roll - keep surprising your body with something different. Play a sport - it gives you good balance and overall toning.
9. Keep walking. Introduce small minutes of walking thruout your daily routine.
10. Core exercises like planks are essential for sustained results. Add some body weight exercises.
11. Motivate and educate others to keep yourself going. You cannot back out once you get others going.
12. Keep visiting and posting in Heart-wise.

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