We are an incorporated society in the name of HEARTWISE which is dedicated to promote health awareness among the citizens and how small changes in day to day life can create big changes in improving upon the health. India, as we all know, is the Heart Disease capital of the world. The motive behind this group was to create awareness regarding lifestyle prevention for heart disease.

Heart Wise Society is a Social Health Group initiated by Dr. Saket Goyal, MD, DM, FACC. Team comprises of the members coming from different professional sectors including Doctors Engineers, Chartered accountants and Businessmen. Heartwise is engaged in various activities throughout the year to enable the common people to take care of themselves, and reduce the possibilities of heart diseases. Heartwise have a facebook page having more than 15000 members where in daily some motivational and informative message is posted by our team members.

Various projects undertaken by HeartWise arer:

1.Heart Talk & Health Seminars – Lifestyle motivational talks for public to highlight the need to change towards a healthy lifestyle. 25 such talks took place in 2016 attended by over 3000 people
2.CPR Workshops: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Workshops – Click here
3.Health & Fitness Events
Walkathon-2016 – One of the biggest public health events in India with participation of more than 20000 people.Click here
Walkorun-2017-Coming Next -Click here
4.Outdoor Gym - Heart Wise has launched the concept of Outdoor Gymnasiumin public parks to enable common people to do light cardio exercises as a part of their daily routine. Initial installations are underway. -Click here
5. HeartWise Medical Health Fund - Click here

Heart disease is the biggest threat to civilized society. It is estimated that 2 crore people in the world lose their lives to cardiac & related diseases. Moreover 80% of these deaths occur in III world & developing countries. India is now called ‘the capital of heart diseases’ in the world.

Unique to our country is the fact that we are losing our younger generation to heart disease, average age being 10-15 year less than the western population. Heart disease is no more a disease of the old. In India, we loose 900 people less than 30 yrs of age every day. 50% deaths from heart attacks in India is less than 40 yrs of age (compared to 20% in West). When one young individual dies, we don’t just lose an Indian, we lose the future of three generations of a family.
To train people towards a healthy lifestyle; in the process saving hearts ………… This is the ideology that underlines the HeartWise movement


Heartwise Commandments

12 commandments of HeartWise living .........
1. Know your weight and calorie goals. 8000 calories = 1 kg weight is the simple equation. Aim is to create a calorie deficit.
2. For weight loss, an electronic weighing scale is essential with daily weight monitoring.
3. Count your activity/ steps. This can be with a pedometer or a phone app.
4. Know your calories - research some food charts (or those posted in heart wise to know the calories value of common foods).
5. Continuity in exercise and discipline in diet is a must to achieve results.
6. A good diet is the corner stone. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. No sugar, low fat & low gluten seems to be working well for most.
7. Look for hidden sugars and fats as in sodas, juices namkeen etc. Learn to read the labels of packaged food.
8. Keep changing your exercises. Download some apps. Push in some yoga. Dance, play, run, roll - keep surprising your body with something different. Play a sport - it gives you good balance and overall toning.
9. Keep walking. Introduce small minutes of walking thruout your daily routine.
10. Core exercises like planks are essential for sustained results. Add some body weight exercises.
11. Motivate and educate others to keep yourself going. You cannot back out once you get others going.
12. Keep visiting and posting in Heart-wise.

For life style talks/seminar-

Contact: Dr. Saket Goyal
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