Open Gym

Open-gym project:

Installed 7 open gyms in various gardens of the city to promote health and fitness. These are free and maintained by HeartWise team. 3 more planned. Looking at the response, UIT has announced one open-gym in each ward of the city.

Outdoor Gym OR Open Gym

We all know that doing exercise is good for our physical & mental health that help us to live a healthy and happy life. The health benefits of doing exercise and physical activities on regular basis are hard to ignore and everyone get benefits from it, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Doing exercise on regular basis, you can boost your mood and can improve your lifestyle. It will help to boost the level of your energy, level of your happiness, reduce the risk of heart disease, increase the strength and flexibility, increase self-confidence and improve memory. If you want to feel better, happy, more energetic, and want to add more years to your life just do exercise. There are many studies found that peoples who exercised daily feel better, energetic and live a long life.

Benefits of Outdoor Gym Exercising

There are many places (home, gym, office and outside) you can do exercise and physical activities as per your convenience and availability of required facilities but outdoor exercising is just as effective, can be more fun, and have some appealing advantages. If there is a beautiful day, just take advantages of the great opportunity to exercise outside and experience the most amazing benefits of exercising in the great outdoors. Numerous pieces of research show that outdoor activities are great for the mind. Exercising outdoor amongst trees and nature can help to boost your mood and help to reduce anxiety and stress.

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