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WALK -O- RUN - 2016

One of the biggest public health events in India with participation of more than 20000 people.
The enthusiasm exceeded all expectations.
1. long queues before the 6 am registration time
2. festive mood while the sun was still down
3. by 6.45 am 10000 registration tags were distributed
4. Rest of the participants had to be flagged off without tags.
5. Registration continued till 7.45 am.
More than 10,000 button buddies were distributed to the participants
5000 early bird participants given pedometers.
5000 rally caps and 2000 skipping ropes for children.
Many institutions and corporates got their own T-Shirts printed through the organisers and distributed the same amongst their staff.
The event wore a festive mela look - Butter milk (chhach), water bottles, juice packs and small packets of nuts etc. were distributed to the participants
School children were served fruits after the completion of walk.



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